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Tailored Management Information Solutions for Schools and Colleges


SchoolBase® is different to other school management information systems. It has been uniquely built so that it can be tailored to meet your needs.

If you’re a school who needs to organise enrichment as part of your curriculum or a group looking to centrally manage student data – SchoolBase will mould to your requirements.

Our pricing is as easy as it is to move to us. For a simple per student, per year fee you will get full MIS functionality and we’ll even include initial data transfer and on-going training free of charge!

  • Comprehensive Staff and Student Database
  • Electronic Attendance (AM/PM & Lesson by Lesson as standard)
  • Flexible Timetabling Tools
  • Browser Independent Staff, Parents & Student Portals (Read/Write Access)
  • Easy Extra-Curricular Management
  • Flexible Behaviour Management
  • Text & Email
  • Outstanding Support
  • SchoolBase App
  • Plus much, much more

Visit www.schoolbase.solutions for more information

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Available on Android, iOS and Windows

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