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You’ve heard of our man in Havana…

In early May, Howard travelled to China to pay a visit to a number of our Asian schools. Our consultant for China, Cathy Huang, joined Howard to provide multilingual support and training for the International School Dongguan at their launch of SchoolBase®.

Howard and Cathy’s knowledge helped a wide range of SchoolBase users over the six days they spent with ISD. During the visit, Howard and Cathy also had very successful meetings with three schools looking to move to SchoolBase, and we look forward to welcoming them on board soon.    

When one door closes, another opens...

                                                                                                                   ‘The time has come’, the Walrus said,

                                                                                                                             ’ To talk of many things’

Howard's Travels

This week sees Howard moving on to Dubai to work with North London Collegiate (Dubai). Chris Goodchild of Gulf English School, another recent SchoolBase adopter, suggested that this was simply Howard's plan to escape the British winter – a suggestion Howard "hotly" denies!



Abu Dhabi

Howard and Alex have just completed a great BSME conference in Abu Dhabi.

There has been a lot of interest in SchoolBase - although at lunch time they were seen sunning themselves on the roof terrace overlooking the grand prix circuit with cars whizzing round! 


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