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Changes at Furlong

We are delighted to announce that Furlong has been acquired by Volaris Group Inc., headquartered near Toronto, Canada.  Volaris also owns, Softlink and TASS – two complimentary companies providing solutions to the Education market.

We are excited about the opportunities this will provide to our clients as well as our employees. The acquisition is positive in many ways, and a number of important points worth mentioning are:

• Volaris thinks long-term, as we have always done ourselves. They don’t acquire companies to sell them on again – they develop the companies and staff they acquire
• You will still be dealing with all the same dedicated and committed staff
• The management team at Furlong will remain unchanged
• Furlong will operate autonomously and continue to strengthen and build our local management team in order to effectively and efficiently interact with our customers.

It’s ‘business as usual’ – same staff, same software, same systems, same focus and commitment to delivery but now with greater access to a larger pool of expertise, resources and best-practice methods moving forward. We believe this will compliment an already strong company.

Furlong have very positive and long-standing business relationships with our clients. We don’t see this changing.

If you have any queries regarding the acquisition, please do not hesitate to contact our MD Howard Langley on +44 (0) 1264 354111.