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FeeMaster Testimonials

Epsom College

With regards to your request for feedback I am pleased to say that my choice of Sage/FeeMaster® has been fully vindicated. there will always be small changes that one would like to see implemented but on balance our satisfaction rating is very high.  As for the support team I have nothing but praise.  Our enquiries are met promptly, courteously and knowledgeably- from my personal experience and that of my team I can confirm that we are extremely happy with what has been a first class service.  If you need a reference site at any time then I would be more than happy to oblige!

Marlborough College

The introduction of FeeMaster® and Sage have made a significant impact on the efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of our financial managment resources. We have worked closely with you over the past few years to computerise as many apsects of our daily business activites as possible, from which we continue to harvest a considerable number of benefits. I have no hesitation in recommending the quality of their systems and services.

St Dunstan's College

I believe FeeMaster® to be the best fees billing package on the market.  It has clearly been written with a real and deep understanding of the fee billing process and its problems.  This skillfully written system is versatile, accurate and easy to use.  It relates without a hitch to Sage and the Facility administration system written by Serco. The training and support package, so often overlooked, is first class and makes introduction and use simple and effective.