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Furlong Maestro® is a browser-based, cloud hosted software solution for managing music and performing arts.

It is available to Pupils, Parents, Peripatetic Teachers and all School Staff.

The complexity of administration of music and performing arts is often misunderstood by leadership teams. These faculties are really schools within schools as they have their own staff to manage, their own examination system and a whole host of payment and recharge issues.

For that reason, we built Maestro to assist Performing Arts managers and Directors of Music to manage all aspects of their department or organisation.

Often the biggest headache is organising and scheduling individual music, dance or drama lessons with visiting teachers. Maestro will help the departments manage complex schedules that change from week to week. Maestro allows easy shifting and auto-calculating of times, rotation tools, lock pupils in place between schedules, add breaks etc.

Communication is another key issue and Maestro has excellent facilities to help with this. Maestro offers an extensive and impressive selection of lists and reports along with powerful communication functions to target participants and their parents specifically using bulk e-mail and merge-email tools.

Maestro offers a whole host of other tools including a comprehensive calendar system, room and resource booking, register attendance and billing functions.

All activities are consolidated onto one timetable or calendar which can be viewed directly on your homepage.

Maestro runs on any browser, on any device.

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Outstandingly Easy Instrumental Lesson Scheduling​

Fabulous Communication Tools

Works on Anything

Remarkable Calendar & Resource Integration


Manage Tuition, Ensemble and Exam session groups. Thus allowing you to process vast amounts of information correctly and easily.


Sophisticated Tuition scheduling.


Edit times and the schedule will immediately re-calculate, saving you the time!

Lock appropriate pupils into position. Add breaks. Copy to other weeks.

Rotation tools: vary slot step, rotate within days, and rotate across days. Keeps locked pupils in position, reducing the complexity of rotating lessons.

Give teachers their own ‘slot time sets’ (patterns).

Performing arts activity clash detection.

Designate protected times for individual pupils or add by group/year group.

Billing by term or session. Export recharges to Excel.


Register pupils’ attendance for tuition and group-based activities.


Great Pupil Management area provides access to all pupil information in seconds.


Powerful email-merge communication tool for informing pupils & parents of music lessons/ensembles/exams. Allows you to send detailed and personalised emails to various contacts lists with ease.


Extensive set of pre-designed reports for performing arts management. The drag-drop report designer makes customising effortless.


Complete music and performing arts management solution.

Easy login system for administrators, visiting music teachers, pupils and parents. Thus allowing the school community to work together.


Easy-to-navigate ‘Dashboard’ can be used on any browser and any device. Use it on the Mac on your desk, or your smartphone in the staff room! Truly adaptive.


Quick links into key parts of the system, providing access to important information with a minimal number of clicks.


Contextualised information directly to the user’s Dashboard, where all your essential information is displayed in just one place.

Consolidated music and performing arts calendar agenda right on the dashboard for staff, pupils and parents.


View with events and tasks, easy-to-use room and resource booking, everything available in one place!

Add tasks to an event - incorporating team-work and efficiency.


Manage feeds to external calendar systems.

View the timetable together with events and tasks - everything available in one place.

Easy-to-use room and resource booking system. You can visually check availability and book your required slot without the fear of double-booking.


Manage rooms into buildings and resources into categories.