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SchoolBase Testimonials

Shekou International School

One of my initial concerns was how our Semester Reports would look and if Furlong would be able to re-create what we already had. I had sent in the report templates needed and within a week, Brian had completed the semester 1 report templates for both Middle School and High School. After uploading the templates (with the help of the Thailand support team) and some minor template adjustments, margins and font changes, they were completed. My next concern was how Brian was going to link the 1st semester to the 2nd semester reports.

St Joseph's Catholic College

‘We liked the approach that the SchoolBase system could work around us, and we could work with them to develop something that worked for us. I also liked that there were more features, and that everything was included. Being able to transfer old data was also a huge plus.

Another huge positive is that the system is easy to use as staff are happy using it and have only had around 90 minutes training’

Mark Fleet, Operations Manager


Europa School UK

“When I look at the support we receive from all of our suppliers across the school, Furlong stands out as being the most supportive and responsive. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other schools” Peter Ashbourne, Principal at Europa School UK

Westbrook Hay Prep School

“The support provided by SchoolBase is excellent, they respond immediately to your queries and their follow up is reliable. The training provided, in particular by Catherine, is also excellent.” Kate Woodmansee, Marketing Manager and Registrar


Old Hall School (Telford)

I've just come to the end of another busy term and am almost finished printing our school reports. I teach full time and also manage our Schoolbase system. I'd just like to say what an excellent technical support team you have and how helpful they are. They have infinite patience and a very good knowledge of your product.

Palmers Green High School

Yes definitely recommend SchoolBase.
Moving away from the Academic WCBS has been the best thing we ever did. (Still using WCBS for billing) .
We now have a database where we can easily get the data out, without having to using report builder, adding/joining tables. (Days later we might get the data we require).
With SchoolBase there is always the export data to Excel which is brilliant.  We can upgrade the system while users are still on it, instead of having to get everyone off.

Stonar School

The medical section of SchoolBase has revolutionised record keeping in our school medical centre. Instant access to pupil medical records, parental contact, consents and individual pupil treatments has provided us with a professional system that ensures confidentiality and safety. Our last Ofsted inspection rate the system as outsanding and having used it for several years, it is by far the best I have seen for a busy school medical centre.

Sue Day

Manor House School

It is good to have the whole school on the same system. It is good to work with a supplier who is willing to change a system to suit the customer's needs.

Cathy Miller, Finance Manager

Leighton Park School

SchoolBase has provided a system that can be tailored to meet the needs of our school as opposed to the school having to suit the needs of the system.

Mike Ward

Leehurst Swan School

Leehurst Swan School wanted a system which would benefit the whole school, both curriculum and administration. SchoolBase® ticked all of our boxes!

Catherine McDermott, Deputy Head​


Halliford School